Choosing a pre-paid funeral plan is one of the most effective and affordable methods by which to protect your family and loved ones against the burden of rising funeral costs, and to spare them the distress of having to make difficult decisions as to what your particular preferences for your funeral might be.


We provide a comprehensive range of options to suit all tastes and budgets. Each plan can be tailored to suit particular preferences… from the big things – like whether you want to be cremated or buried – to the small things, like your choice of music and flowers.


Our plans are acknowledged to be one of the UK’s most affordable prepaid funeral plan providers.


If you don’t wish to pay for your plan in full straight away, we offer a range of monthly instalment terms.


It is of paramount importance to us that our customers investments are safe and secure. In common with almost all funeral plan companies, the money you pay towards your funeral plan is held in a secure ring fenced trust fund. Set up in conjunction with specialist trust solicitors, the fund is independently managed by a multinational investment management firm.